An Informed Discussion of GMOs: Dennis Avery, Rebecca Goldburg and Rick Nichols at The Future of Our Food & Farms Regional Summit

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I feel for you my friend .  There are no GMO or chemical trespass laws and
in fact  they use the people in the US as lab rats to test out their new
stuff . the USDA does not care if there is organic corn or not.   it small
business and the USDA is a get big or get out type of regulators.  they tax
u if you are organic and if you are organic u have to give up a buffer zone
of your land .  in corn you may have to move your buffer zone back 6 or 10
or more miles.  even then you will test for GMO and not be able to sell your
crop as organic.   Avery wins this one.   you are right  as there are times
of the year the sky is filled with GMO corn pollen and it will take your
organic corn seed and turn it into GMO corn the same year you plant it.
Folks are eating GMO corn now in most everything.  I don't think there is
any organic or non GMO corn left in the US anyway or soon there will only be
GMO corn.  the only difference between GMO feed corn and food corn (corn
chips,corn flakes , tacos etc. ) is how close you set the combine so  its
all the same BT corn  and it is in most everything.  so forget about GMO
free corn or organic corn in the US unless we import it from Brazil or
somewhere where were they wise enough to Just say NO.

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> Very, very interesting.
> I would like to forward this to some interested Avery watchers.  Could I
> some background on the way this document was constructed.  How much of
> is transcript and how much of it reflects interpretation of the
> It reads like a novel...couldn't wait to read the ending!  If there is a
> recording or transcript available I would certainly be willing to pay for
> reproduction and mailing costs.
> As you know, I am not a fan of Avery.  It seems to me that this panel
> a good purpose.  He was shown to be the lying, fact twisting, dishonorable
> advocate of indefensible seed technology that he is.
> I guess I do think that this is appropriate for the list.  I am surrounded
> by corn and soybean fields and I know that many of my farmer neighbors
> GMO corn and soybeans.  As a small market grower who grows organically, I
> don't think I could ever be certified for a crop like corn because of the
> pollen drift problem.  Imagine trying to become certified organic for corn
> in east central Illinois.  Can you imagine any other industry that would
> helpless to fight contamination in the production of its product by a
> supplier of a basic input?
> My understanding last spring was that there were efficient and speedy
> available for assessment of GMO contamination.  Has anyone seen any data
> this year about testing of non-GMO crops for contamination?
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