USDA strikes again

R. Harrill brixman at
Sat Dec 16 10:16:41 EST 2000

Marie Kamphefner wrote:

> I feel like perhaps the consumers need protection from the USDA...
> Maybe
> organic growers will have to go underground - sell gourmet salad mix on the
> black market, have pockets sewn into the linings of overcoats and stuff
> them with Brandywine tomatoes, and deliver in the wee hours in trucks
> marked "tobacco."  What a concept!

Marie, you made my day!  Thanks for putting it all in perspective.  A year or so ago I
read a blurb that certain MDs had been singled out because they were not writing enough
prescriptions for toxic drugs.  It seems the DEA keeps records that show the amounts of
controlled substances each doctor prescribes.  Evidently, the wayward docs were trying
some alternative treatments.  I guess it won't be too long until we will be locked up
for not buying our share of pesticides.

Rex Harrill

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