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Sat Dec 16 14:12:38 EST 2000

100% totally off the record.  (Note this is my personal email acccount)

Media is a funky bunch and I would by far not believe everything they say.  
(RE: 60 minutes fiasco).  The reporter probably called up someone at USDA 
and said, "Is there any scientific evidence that organic is safer or better" 
and someone said, "no" and hence she had a "quote".  Did you verify the 
story?  Did you call the reporter and ask for her source?  (If she is just 
making up ya-ya you should get a retraction on air.)  Did you call her up 
and ask her if you could provide her some research?  For that matter why not 
call up the station and ask for equal time?  Is there even anything on the 
NOP website that confirms what the reporter said?  Unfortunately it is up to 
you to prove the reporter wrong!

I am just confused.

In defense of NOP.  They work hard.  (Yes, they were not at the holiday 
party as they are working on the rule!)  They are subject to the political 
whims of the powers that be.  Not a place I would want to work because no 
one likes you and you work like a slave.

What we should all be thankful for is that this is almost over.  At least a 
rule is going to come out.  If it isn't done before January 20th you can 
guarantee it would be years before it came out!

As for USDA bashing, there are a few of us who never deal with 
"agribusiness".  (In my 3 years I never have.)  I work with small farmers.  
I work with state and local government.  I work mostly with sustainable and 
organic producers and associations.  Please don't generalize, it hurts my 

Go ask for your equal time!  Preaching to the choir on here doesn't change 
much. (oh yes, haven't all of us become professionals at writing biting 
letters to politicians and editors!?!)

And yes, my backyard garden is organic because I, on a personal level, think 
it is better.

(a peon in the machine)
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