Strohalm, a Dutch NGO founded in 1970; interesting website

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Strohalm, a Dutch NGO founded in 1970

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Community Supported Agriculture - Pergola 
     Pergola is the Dutch term for Community Supported Agriculture
which is a cooperation between one or more organic
     farmers and a group of consumers. A distribution network is set
up for direct delivery and the consumers cooperate in
     a far reaching manner with the farmers. The consumers have a say
in the farmers policy and methods and can help at
     the farm in a busy season. This way they get affordable organic
products and know where they come from. The farmer
     in return has secured sale for his produce and can reduce the
investment loans because the consumers pay in advance
     (saving expenses for all involved). 
     Strohalm promotes and supports this way of working in the
Netherlands and runs the secretariat for the association of
     organic farms with food box schemes. 

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