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Mike Rosenkrantz mrosenkrantz at
Tue Dec 5 19:54:30 EST 2000

Hi Nancy, I am very interested in public markets and wonder whether you will 
be open on either the 24th or the 26th of December.  I would love to tour 
your market.  Let me know.  Thanks  Mike Rosenkrantz

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>Subject: New Public Market
>Date: 3 Oct 2000 08:37:18 -0700
>I am a grower of herbs, specializing in scented geraniums, and specialty 
>vegetables.  That is, I was hoping to make a living from this until I 
>accepted a full-time job as manager of the new year-around public market 
>opening on the revitalized Christina riverfront in Wilmington, Delaware.
>This market is housed in a converted turn of the century warehouse along 
>the river that will operate year round from Wednesday through 
>Saturday.There is room for approximately 20 merchants -- 10 of which have 
>already been identified.
>The market is for food and food-related products only with a heavy emphasis 
>on fresh produce, meat, poultry, flowers, cheese, and baked goods.
>I am hoping that someone close to the Wilmington area is interested in 
>offering fresh, organic produce. I would be happy to send more information 
>on the market and the other projects that are associated with the 
>riverfront revitalization efforts.  I can be reached at 302/373-0425 or, of 
>course, by e-mail.
>Thank you.
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