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there's been a bit of talk lately on the list about cold hardy grapes, 
thought i'd pipe up.  there's a nursury up here at the top of new york,
zone3, specializing in cold tolerant fruit trees and shrubs.  st. lawrence
nursury. the owner bill macKentley is an incredible resource, he's been
working on developing cold hardy specimens for 20-30 years.  on the web

enjoyin' the snow this morning...

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>From: "Del Williams" <delannw at>
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>Date: Mon, Dec 4, 2000, 1:14 PM

> I contacted a friend who works for the extension in western new york to ask
> about grape recommendations for my area (east central Illinois).  Thought I
> would pass along the information for what it may be worth to those
> interested in wine grapes.
>  >    So, what are your recommendations for growing grapes in central
> Illinois?
> I think I'd recommend Chambourcin as first choice for a red wine variety
> and maybe Foch second because I think Chambourcin has better wine quality.
> If you want white wine try Cayuga White, Seyval, or Vidal.
>  Del Williams
> Farmer in the Del
> Clifton IL
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