More Heirlooms

robert schuler sunnfarm at
Sat Aug 26 00:52:22 EDT 2000

> I had a chance to meet a plant breeder from Uzbekistan at our South Jersey vegetable and
> fruit research farm at Rutgers U., he collected 42 varieties of OP tomatos from central
> Asia along with many peppers and melons that are being grow and tested to see if they
> can be grown in our climate to be used exclusively for market farming, they really did
> not seem all that different than what we already have but I was impressed with his
> winter melons, you plant them in the spring harvest in late summer when they taste like
> a green watermelon then store them until mid winter when they get sweet and juicy I as
> told they can be stored more than seven months.  Also got to see some excellent pepper
> and eggplant variety trials, these are two of the biggest crops in my area, our goal is
> to find a good phytophtora and bacterial spot resistant bell pepper and we do have some
> nice looking varietys appearing on the market, just two years ago their were none, as
> for eggplants around here the high bush type is number one but a new variety from
> Siegers seed called Santana looked very good I will try it in my field next year, I hope
> you all can get to variety trials in your area...Bob.

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