Onion Neck Rot, is there any hope?

delannw delannw at dlogue.net
Fri Aug 25 18:18:52 EDT 2000

Just from last year's experience it seems there is no hope for long term
storage of onions with neck rot.

I had two types of onions last year... a long storing yellow and a very
sweet onion that isn't expected to store well.  They all had neck rot and
even though I sold most of them, I had to tell customers that they should
buy what they could use in the short term.

There is nothing more disgusting than the smell of rotting onions...well,
maybe rotting tomatoes.

I think you'd better compost or use what you've got.

A suggestion:  I took a couple bushels and donated them to the Salvation
Army food kitchen with instructions to use them within the week.  They were
grateful and the onions weren't a complete loss for me.  At least I got the
tax deduction for a charitble contribution.

Del Williams
Farmer in the Del
Clifton IL

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