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Wed Aug 23 11:40:54 EDT 2000

>  Marie Kamphefner wrote:
>  > Hey gang!
>  >
>  > I got my first order from a restaurant.  I took in a sample of all the
>  > peppers I have and the owner went nuts over them.  They said they would
>  > order from me as long as I had stuff.  I am so happy!  Now, how do I
>  > out the going price of vegetables?  The lady I talked to told me how
>  > she was paying the wholesaler - the salad mix is $5.00 per pound.   
>  > suggestions?
>  >
>  > Marie in Missouri
>  >
One simple thing to do is ask the chef what he is paying from other sources.
You than have an idea of what to charge. Get the chef to show you a recent
invoice that has pepper prices. Than talk to the chef and negotiate. They
are usually willing to help you there but don't let them talk you into to
too low a price.

You can usually get the weekly price list from any wholesaler. My suggestion
is to use the one(s) your resturant is using. All you have to do is call up
and ask for a copy to be sent to you and they will comply.

We get 50¢ ea for ripe peppers to resturants as long as they buy 5lb+,
otherwise it is 75¢ea. Green peppers we get 3/$1, Ancho's 25¢ea, 10/$2,
jalapenos 15¢ea 10/$1

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