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robert schuler sunnfarm at
Wed Aug 23 01:14:00 EDT 2000

I remember my first order its very exciting, unfortunatly not everyone is willing to pay
much, here in NJ any restaurant can go into the auction block and get absolutely off the
charts perfect extra lg.bell peppers for $10 a 1&1/9 bushel thats about 45-50 peppers, but
if the peppers are slightly misshapen slightly twisted or too tapered at the ends the
price can go down to $5 even though they look great to me and you, reds bring up to $20 if
they are 100% red with no green streaks, cubanelles and long hots are selling for $6-7...
Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ.

Marie Kamphefner wrote:

> Hey gang!
> I got my first order from a restaurant.  I took in a sample of all the
> peppers I have and the owner went nuts over them.  They said they would
> order from me as long as I had stuff.  I am so happy!  Now, how do I find
> out the going price of vegetables?  The lady I talked to told me how much
> she was paying the wholesaler - the salad mix is $5.00 per pound.    Any
> suggestions?
> Marie in Missouri
> PS  I haven't been back to the market.  I've canned about 200 quarts of
> tomatoes and green beans.  Frozen 75 pounds of corn (cut off the cob) and
> we've been eating like kings.  :-)
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