holistic approach to blister beetles?

Wiediger, Alison awiediger at Hart.k12.ky.us
Tue Aug 22 08:37:47 EDT 2000

Nosema is a biological.  If memory serves, it may be a protozoan - not sure
about that - but it is the equivalent for grasshoppers  of BT for
lepidoptera. I can't remember the source, but it was one of the companies
specializing in 'stuff for organic gardeners' (my quotes).  It comes in a
bran base, the bran is scattered on the ground where the grasshoppers are,
they eat it and die.  Since grasshoppers eat each other, it spreads rapidly.
We got pretty good control in a few weeks and it lasted years.  Hope this


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> What is Nosema Locusta and where do you get it?  We had a terrible 
> grasshopper problem this year, and our answer was floating row covers and
> the 
> "chickie Patrol."  Worked great, until the chickens decided that it was
> great 
> fun to scratch up some of the garden plants.  Worked around most of that 
> problem too with wire cages and barriers.
> Kathy
> Evans Knob Farm  WV

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