Onion Neck Rot, is there any hope?

Scott Franzblau imblau at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 19 19:35:44 EDT 2000

      I'm raising onions in New Hampshire.  We are having a wet season to 
say the very least.
     We have had a wonderful onion crop so far with our sweet onions but the 
greens still haven't dried out on our storage onions (due to the weeds 
having taken over and the rain persisting?) and almost every onion has some 
neck rot.  Today we pulled 2/3 of the storage onions and have them curing in 
a greenhouse, spread out near a fan.
     What are my chances of having a storage supply of onions if neck rot is 
rampant?  Should I cut off the greens in hopes of drying out the neck rot?  
Anything else I should do?

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