On Being a Customer at the Market

EvansKnob at aol.com EvansKnob at aol.com
Sun Aug 13 20:38:14 EDT 2000

Really enjoyed your observations of the farmer's market.  I'm new to the 
digest and have been enjoying the last few days of discussions.  I'm 
seriously considering doing a CSA or maybe a farmers market.  Anybody with 
any thoughts on which is better?  I'm growing with organic methods, but am 
not certified.  We have raised a garden for better than 6 years.  There is a 
lot that I know, and a lot I don't know about gardening.  There is always 
something new to learn.  My biggest problem this year has been with the 
bugs..  cucumber beetles, Mexican bean beetles, and Jap. bean beetles.  I 
found that the floating row covers work real well on keeping out the flea 
beetles.  I'm form the North eastern part of WV.  Anybody else from this area?
Evans Knob

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