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Sun Aug 13 10:43:36 EDT 2000

Yeah, it is something to go it alone and keep yourself going sometimes.  One
thing I never figured was getting too sick to go to the market.  There's no
one to fall back on when the world offers interference or, as John Lennon
wrote, "Life is what happens when you are making other plans."  (I think
that is a close quotation.)

One thing that helps me is to look at setbacks as learning opportunities
instead of failures.
I also think that there are distinct advantages to starting out small as the
lone decision-maker.
I can see how it could become a distinct disadvantage when you finally have
to coordinate with others if you start getting large enough to hire some
help or expand.  But then, you get to learn to be a manager and that is a
skill that needs development in any area but a great skill to develop in any

Feel free to contact me directly if you run into a slump or if you discover
some efficiencies.  Can't say I haven't just sat down and cried on occasion.
(I lost all my squash last year and as a very small grower this was just
devastating.)  Oh well. On the other hand, I gotta pat myself on the back
for some of my own discoveries and planning.  The pest rotation worked
magnificently this year for the chard and beets....they just look fantastic.
Now if I could just make some peace with our jap beetle problem here.  It's
beyond knocking them off into soapy water.  They have taken out whole trees
on this little farm.  (sniff)  Don't know how the beans have survived.

 Del Williams
Farmer in the Del
Clifton IL

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