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Ed Maltby, Bramble Hill Farm emaltby at
Wed Aug 2 19:02:44 EDT 2000

We have ordered and received three scales and can tell you they work
great and the company selling them has been terrific. Here is the
information that you need:
Southeastern Fixtures and Liquidators
3306 Pepperell Pkwy
Olepika, Alabama 36801
Virgil Petty, owner
Cell phone: 404-307-3053
Office Phone: 334-741-0550
Fax: 334-741-0596

They send the scales out the same day of the order; do not take credit
cards but will invoice you for it. They cost $80.00 and are backed for
30 days. They will refund your money if you are not satisfied.
Brian Metcalf wrote:
> I lost the information that was posted on the source of scales from a candy
> store chain - I beleive they were electronic type scale with a price about
> $70. Please provide info if available.
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