Corn Undressing

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> I'm a firm believer in "you strip it, poke it, etc., you bought it."
> If you don't like it don't come back.
> Corn stripping and pokeing is akin to vandalism in my eyes.  I wouldn't go
> to Walmart and start ripping up the clothes just to find the toughest
> outfit.

No, but you might check the seams, the weight of the fabric, etc.

> Sometimes you have to get rude.  I would rather never sell to a corn
> stripper again than have some lady ruin half a truck load of corn.

I certainly would never ruin half a truckload of corn.  If the first couple
ears were crap, I wouldn't likely stick around to bother with the rest.
(Besides, if it tastes like styrofoam, I would have considered it ruined in
the first place.)

BTW - if every ear that was poked was ripe, you'd never be left with any
"ruined" ears anyway.

> I bag the corn myself and don't let the customers touch it.

I hate this.  Farmers have passed off some really inferior corn to me this
way.  The ONLY way I have found to put good tasting corn on my family's
table is to check the kernels.

I understand sweet corn is not a high margin crop, so maybe that is why so
many inferior ears make it to market.

Like I said, I'm not looking for cosmetic perfection - just good taste.  I'd
prefer to grow my own, but lack the space and sunshine.

I've read that some people will buy an ear and taste it to see if the batch
could be good.  It is unfortunate that it is a crap shoot to get good corn.

Just my humble consumer's opinion.


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