Corn Undressing

Jessica J. Doench jjdoench at
Sun Apr 23 21:53:03 EDT 1995

Hi all -

Just a consumer chiming in on the corn undressing controversy.  I'm one of
those people who pokes the ears with my fingernail.  I've bought plenty of
ears from farm markets that weren't ready or were past their prime.
Checking the milk is the only way I've found to get reliably good corn.

I think the refund policy on the no undressing sign is a good idea, although
I don't know whether I'd make use of it.  I took to not buying corn from the
people who brought bad tasting corn to market.  I didn't get much good corn
last year.

I did think it might bother the farmer to have undressed corn. However, from
my perspective, it really did bother me to have tasteless corn for dinner
when I'd looked forward to a delicious treat.  In my own defense, I did
check the ears other people undressed.  I'm not bothered by unfilled ears,
just tasteless ones.

Just  another point of view.

Jess Doench

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