Bamboo Stakes

Jennie Lee tulipcreek at
Tue Oct 16 04:46:07 EDT 1956

Hi everyone -
	I'm way behind schedule reading through my emails but here's 
my belated 2-cents worth on Jeanine's question about bamboo stakes in 
Florida weave. I try to use bamboo as much as possible b/c I can get 
it for free and its pretty in the field but it didn't work as well 
for tomatoes as I had hoped it would. We have a very thin layer of 
top soil and an impenetrably hard clay subsoil. Even when I cut the 
ends of the bamboo poles to a sharp point, I couldn't get it more 
than about 5 or 6 inches into the ground. This doesn't anchor it well 
enough to hold up heavy tomato plants at the end of the summer. My 
rows were a mess by August, even after I tried to stabilize them with 
metal fence posts. If your soil is such that you can get the posts in 
fairly deep, I think it would probably work, though you should use 
stakes maybe 4-6 inches in diameter. I used some that were smaller 
and some of them snapped off mid-summer. Good luck _ Jennie Lee
Etta, Mississippi

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