[Lyceum-users] How to direct user to dashboard instead of their on user account page

bai.xiaoyu at gmail.com bai.xiaoyu at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 20:05:57 EDT 2007

> How to direct user to dashboard instead of their on user account page after
logging in?

> The seems to be the number 1 request from my lyceum site user base.

I asked a stupid question because of a wrong assumption. The assumption is
each user only has one blog, therefore, lyceum can direct them to their
dashboard. But with lyceum, each user canhas role in more than one blog,
therefore, there's no way lyceum can know which one to direct.

I got these requests because most users on my site only has on blog, so they
assume redirect should be done. They just want the section where has link to
their blog bigger and easier to find. For first time users, they tend to
ignore the slim section at the top. Smaller means less important, right? One
can argue blogger/blogspot and other similar service (wordpress.com?) has
been using this layout for years and everybody by now should be familiar
with it. But blogger/blogspot has been blocked in China for years so we are
not. ;)

Since, it's extremely rare that a user want to update her profile. It's also
extremely rare, in my case, that any user would fill in contact info and
about yourself. I will just hack the profile page.

I know hack the profile page code is bad. This is what i come up as a
temporary solution. I will consult a friend on the list privately.
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