[Lyceum-users] Newbie: portal, add links questions

Kenneth Sherwood kwsherwood at gmail.com
Sun Sep 3 14:52:33 EDT 2006

Apologies for what are perhaps rookie questions?

1.What modfications do I need to make so that portal.php page lists all
blogs created on the system?

I'm preparing to lead 40+ students in creating individual blogs, which will
become difficult to track if I can't activate this function. Currently it
does not list any titles, despite several blogs created.

2. Should the Add "Link Categories" function work? In an otherwise
succesfull install, I cannot create a category or use one besides blogroll.
Each "accept" reverts back to the original screen, without an additional

I've installed lyceum 0.33 on shared Linux server space, with PHP 4.4.1  and
mysql Ver 12.22

Thanks for assistance or even pointing in the direction of an answer!

Kenneth Sherwood, PhD
Department of English
Graduate Program in Literature and Criticism
Indiana University of PA
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