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Normally I'm skeptical of any funding and its practical value to most
growers, but I'm sending this on because OFRF is the biggest in the field.
>From Charles Martin, NMSU Sustainable Agriculture Science Center

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Attention Growers,
For your information. The deadline for application is December 15th.

From: Organic Farming Research Foundation [mailto:info at ofrf.org]
Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2006 1:44 PM
To: gr at nmsu.edu
Subject: Organic Farming Research Foundation Releases Request for Proposals

OFRF Requests Organic Research Proposals

PRESS ADVISORY...............................CONTACT: Jane 
Sept. 7, 2006.....................................................Bob 
Scowcroft 831-426-6606

Santa Cruz, CA -- The Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) is 
resuming its grants program after taking time off from its regular 
grantmaking schedule to evaluate the impact of its grants on organic 

The deadline for proposals is Dec. 15, 2006.

In reinstating the grants program, OFRF is releasing an open request for 
proposals in all subject areas, but particularly encourages proposals in 
the following topic areas:
    * organic livestock systems;
    * economic constraints and opportunities relevant to the viability of 
 small- and medium-scale organic farms and ranches;
    * projects that investigate the interactions between components of 
 organic systems and that take a systems-management (rather than an 
 input-substitution) approach to solving production problems.
"I'm pleased that the OFRF Board of Directors has invested their time and 
expertise into reviewing our grantmaking program," commented OFRF 
Executive Director Bob Scowcroft. "The updated request for proposals is a 
reflection of what we learned and of the areas we think require the most 
research support in the future."

OFRF encourages organic farmers and ranchers to apply for a grant. Many 
producers find that working with a small group, or with an extension 
educator or university-based researcher, can make it easier to design and 
carry out a research project. OFRF encourages applications from such 
partnerships, and will try to link interested farmers with research

Projects must involve farmers in both design and implementation and take 
place on working organic farms whenever possible.

"We're looking forward to receiving many high-quality organic research 
proposals this winter," Scowcroft said.

One finding of OFRF's evaluation of its grantmaking, presented in the 
report Investing in Organic Knowledge: Impacts of the First 13 Years of 
OFRF's Grantmaking Program, is that all farmer grant recipients 
interviewed for the evaluation said that their research findings had been 
of practical use to them and had resulted in their changing production 
practices on their farms.

OFRF has funded the largest number of organic agriculture research 
projects of any foundation in the U.S. in its 13 years of grantmaking, 
disbursing $1.3 million to support 213 projects.

To apply, eight copies of a proposal must be submitted to the OFRF office 
by Dec. 15, 2006. For more details, please refer to the updated request 
for proposals on the OFRF website at 

Or contact Jane Sooby, technical program coordinator, at 831-426-6606, 
email <mailto:jane at ofrf.orgjane@ofrf.org.

Organic Farming Research Foundation, 303 Potrero St. #29-203, Santa Cruz, 
CA 95060
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