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Dear , 

Want faster, cheaper broadband for North Carolina? If big companies like
Time Warner Cable get their way, you won't get it. 

Communities across the state are trying to build municipal broadband
projects that could bring fast, dependable Internet services - and more jobs
- to the people who need them most. These projects are good for everyone
except Time Warner Cable and AT&T. So these giant companies are turning to
their buddies in the General Assembly to stop local broadband. 

Tomorrow, a state Senate committee will debate a bill being pushed by Time
Warner Cable and AT&T that would outlaw municipal broadband networks for
good. The co-chairman of the committee reportedly put the bill on the fast
track. But we can stop it from going forward.

Please call each member of the committee right away and tell them: This bill
is terrible for North Carolina. Don't let Time Warner Cable take away
municipal broadband.

Sen. Daniel Gray Clodfelter (co-chair): (919) 715-8331
Sen. Daniel T. Blue, Jr.: (919) 733-5752
Sen. Peter Samuel Brunstetter: (919) 733-7850 
Sen. Fletcher Lee Hartsell, Jr.: (919) 733-7223
Sen. David W. Hoyle: (919) 733-5734 
Sen. Samuel Clark Jenkins: (919) 715-3040
Sen. Josh Stein: (919) 715-6400
Sen. Jerry W. Tillman: (919) 733-5870

Last year, these same phone and cable companies tried a similar stunt.
Thanks to a strong, grassroots campaign, the companies backed off and the
bill was abandoned. 

But now the industry lobbyists are back, telling state legislators to vote
against the public interest and leave the future of the Internet to Time
Warner Cable and AT&T. 

We need to stop this bill. Please call the members of the committee now and
tell them: North Carolina communities need the freedom to create their own
broadband networks. 

Time is running out; the Senate committee is meeting tomorrow. Please call
the members now. 


Misty Perez Truedson 
Program Manager
Free Press Action Fund 

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