[internetworkers] Sexy Transportation - Carsharing!

Mark Turner jmarkturner at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 22:43:27 EDT 2008

Ah, ZipCar. If it would only come to Raleigh..

$WIFE and I have been discussing the possibility of jettisoning one of 
our vehicles. Since I bike to work and we live in downtown Raleigh, we 
have no need for two cars. If ZipCar was here, the decision would be a 

Since I'm not holding my breath on the Zipsters, I began pondering what 
it would take to start a local carsharing business. What ZipCar does is 
not magic: its a short-term car rental, right? Build some security bits 
and some reservation bits and leave the rest to Toyota. How hard can it be?

If any of y'all brainiacs want to help fill this idea out, shoot me a 
note and let me know your thoughts. Check out the links at the bottom of 
this Wikipedia article for starters:


Thomas Beckett wrote:
> I wonder if the ZipCar service in San Francisco has a ZipPickup line of 
> business as well?  I bet that would be very lucrative.
> TaB
> Lance A. Brown wrote:
>> Stickin' my nose in for a sec.
>> How often do you have to be ding such projects in order for it to make 
>> sense having a larger vehicle?  I know for myself, at least until I 
>> purchase a house and have space for a workshop, I need something larger 
>> than my car maybe twice a year.  It doesn't make sense to drive a larger 
>> vehicle all the time just to have it available when I do need the space. 
>>   Friends or rentals have covered such needs for me so far.
>> If I was constantly working on a fixer-upper house or some such, than 
>> things would be different.  I expect lots of people drive more vehicle 
>> than they need, and with a 6-cylinder Honda Accord, I probably fit into 
>> that category myself currently.
>> --[Lance]

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