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Fri Aug 8 10:34:25 EDT 2008

This just in. Sorry for the book here. If they'd only put this info on 
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Triangulator Part Deux: City of Oaks *

People of the Triangle,

Back in May we held our inaugural Triangulator scavenger hunt in Durham.
Over thirty people participated in the six hour multi-media, multi-modal
(sub)urban (mis)adventure.

In the Bull City we climbed, we rhymed, and we memorialized, discovering
coal chutes and hidden swimming pools and secret passageways in the
process. We learned about why Durham was the city of medicine long 
before Duke Hospitals, unearthed the ghosts of the city's industrial 
past and experimented with new uses for Fufu flour and Waxy Corn. But 
most importantly, we were able to see Durham in new ways: finding new 
intrigue and beauty in the places and people we pass by every day and 
discovering parts of the city (sometimes right around the corner) that 
we never knew existed. Check out some of the photos from the event 
<http://www.triangulator.org/durham> on our interactive map (circa

Now, its time to unleash this joyous rite of exploration on the state
capital! * *Triangulator will come to Raleigh *Saturday, August 23rd 
from Noon to 6 pm.*

The scavenger hunt registration will begin at 11am in Halifax Mall 
(behind the state legislature) with some physical warm-ups and end with 
food, festivities, and awards at a location to be announced. Just like 
the game in Durham, there will be subjective and objective questions, 
written questions and photo questions. But this time we'll also be 
throwing in some puzzles and obstacles, including unwitting appearances 
by some of Raleigh's favorite sons (and daughters).

Triangulator is very much like and very much unlike other scavenger 
hunts in that it involves both searches for specific items AND 
subjective, interpretative explorations. There may or may not be right 
answers, you may or may not know them and that may or may not be an 
advantage. Go forth and triangulate!

*Saturday, August 23rd*
* 11am: Congregation. Games and Distribution of Clues at Halifax Mall 
11:45am -6pm: Scavenger Hunt in Raleigh (official questions will be 
within two miles of the state Capitol, but you can go anywhere for the 
subjective questions)
6:30pm: Awards, Drinks, Food, and Presentations at a downtown location
TBA. It's BYOB but we'll have food.

*Rules and regulations:*
* Each team will require a digital camera (i.e. bring one if you've got
* Registration is $5 per person (includes dinner)
* Unexpected interpretation of the questions and unpredictable results
are encouraged.
* Boundaries: All provided questions will be within 2 miles of the state
capitol. Subjective questions can be answered from anywhere.within the 
city limits.
* Winning teams will receive much backslapping and if you're lucky a
found chotchky.
* Teams will be formed on arrival (bring folks to play with or come and
join up with others).

*Why: * Because we are fed by curiosity and delight for everything that 
is the Triangle (and by extension, our world)

*How: *You can use any vehicle you like though we are proponents of the
world's most efficient vehicle, the bicycle, and the game is designed 
with that in mind. However, we are also big fans of the world's least 
polluting traveler, the pedestrian, and the game can be managed on foot.

*Disclaimer:* This is an ongoing process - participate at your own risk! 
We found with the Durham game that groups did best when they were 
willing to go places and do things they've never done before. Come ready 
to open yourself up to the possibilities of the city.

* To RSVP email: *scavenger.hunt at triangulator.org
(As part of our pre-registration process, please include your favorite
Raleigh event/happening with your RSVP (Triangulator *is* an acceptable

*More about Triangulator*
With scavenger hunts growing increasingly trendy (and venture capital 
funds salivating over their profit potential), we should remind you (and
ourselves) of why we're organizing this event.

Triangulator is about re-examining our every day spaces: thinking more
critically about how we interact with the cities we live in, and 
becoming more interested in how we affect and are affected by what (and 
who) is around us. Why does the street stop being cleaned after you 
cross certain roads, where can you find urban fruit, how is it that 
neighborhoods right next to each other have different accents? These are 
all questions Triangulator seeks to better understand.

At the beginning of this year, a group of us got together to start 
talking about how we could create a forum to exchange local knowledge 
about the Triangle with interested (and interesting) people. We decided 
the best way to do it was to get those people together to play a game. 
Thus, Triangulator was born.

If you're interested and would like to be more involved you should email 
us at scavenger.hunt at triangulator.org. We'd love your help as we try to 
build a community interested in feeding our collective delight in the 
geography around us.

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