[internetworkers] The Local Gov't Fair Competition Act.

Michael Czeiszperger michael at czeiszperger.org
Wed Jul 18 13:28:51 EDT 2007

On Jul 18, 2007, at 1:17 PM, Andrew C. Oliver wrote:

>  get the longing of some for a "third party" but our system doesn't  
> really allow for one.  Parliaments allow for a healthy "green  
> party" which forms a coalition with various other parties to create  
> a strong majority.  However, in our system if you voted for the  
> losing candidate -- you get nothing really.  I think throwing out  
> labels like "flaming liberal" really isn't helpful and frankly a  
> little childish (to use my own label ironically).  Granted I say  
> that a little less cleverly than MC did.

I completely agree with you, and the rest of the stuff about politics  
is pretty good too :-)   Big Pink Loser is one of the funniest  
Spongebob Episodes ever.

"This device is provided without warranty of any kind as to  
reliability, accuracy, existence or otherwise fitness for any  
particular purpose and Bioalchemic Products specifically does not  
warrant, guarantee, imply or make any representations as to its  
merchantability for any particular purpose and furthermore shall have  
no liability for or responsibility to you or any other person, entity  
or deity with respect of any loss or damage whatsoever caused by this  
device or object or by any attempts to destroy it by hammering it  
against a wall or dropping it into a deep well or any other means  
whatsoever and moreover asserts that you indicate your acceptance of  
this agreement or any other agreement that may be substituted at any  
time by coming within five miles of the product or observing it  
through large telescopes or by any other means because you are such  
an easily cowed moron who will happily accept arrogant and unilateral  
conditions on a piece of highly priced garbage that you would not  
dream of accepting on a bag of dog biscuits and is used solely at  
your own risk."  -- Pratchett

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