[internetworkers] VW Wants Your Old Diesel

Greg Brown gwbrown1 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 11:23:21 EST 2007

you know, I might have purchased a Diesel Jetta a while back were it not for
a lot of bad press not about the engine but everything else about a VW just
falling apart too early.  I have since spoken with quite a few modern VW
owners who really like their cars so VW can't be all bad.

I'll admit, I'm a Diesel addict.  Now with B20 being available around the
area I'm even more so though I'm not selling my Diesel Liberty anytime soon
(I should get off my butt and get my Biodiesel operation out of the blender
and into a larger vessel.  But that V10 Toureag sure would be nice.


On 1/25/07, Michael Czeiszperger <michael at czeiszperger.org> wrote:
> On Jan 25, 2007, at 10:12 AM, Scott Lundgren wrote:
> > Since VW's and diesels are among the car topics that sometimes cross
> > this list I thought to pass on this chunk of news:
> >
> > In conjunction with the launch of the '08 Jetta Bluetec diesel this
> > week at the Washington,  D.C., auto show, VW says it's searching for
> > two significant vehicles from its  U.S. past. Specifically, the brand
> > wants to find the oldest running Volkswagen diesel and the VW diesel
> > with the highest accumulated mileage.
> Maybe because the gasoline engines all blew up?  Consumer Reports
> doesn't break out diesel engines in this report, but Volkswagens are
> at the bottom of the reliability list compared to other manufacturers:
> Toureg: -119% of average reliability in its class
> Passat 4-cyl: -60% of average reliability in its class.
> Jetta: -25% of average reliability in its class
> Only the Passat V6 had decent reliability, and the New Beetle has
> shown improvement, moving from dead last to average.
> Yeah, I'm ranting, but after talking to as many Volkswagen owners as
> I have who's engines have burned up and the manufacturer refused to
> honor the warranty, they deserve bad press.
> http://www.consumerreports.org:80/cro/cars/types/reliability-
> comparison-index.htm
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