[internetworkers] GPS Question

dave.m.parker at gsk.com dave.m.parker at gsk.com
Fri Jun 16 10:11:41 EDT 2006

Shea wrote:

> I have the Bluetooth one from Tom Tom and it rocks.  It’s about the 
> size of a packet of Trident Gum.  Rechargable and it seems to run 
> forever.  It has the sirfstar III chipset and locks in satellites 
> very fast.  I was using it the other day and it had 12 sats on it 
> before I got our of my neighborhood.
> http://www.tomtom.com/products/accessory.php?
> ID=180&Product=208&Category=&Context=1&Language=1

It looks like a great gadget, but how do you go about buying something 
that's sold overseas and is priced in a foreign currency?

- Dave P.
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