[internetworkers] Ice skating anyone?

B Holroyd beeholroyd at gmail.com
Mon Jun 12 17:26:23 EDT 2006

The last time I was on skates I broke my leg, so I don't do skates no more,
but I'll imagine all o'y'all sliding smoothly across some surface, hands
clasped behind your backs, blissful expressions on your faces.... Sort of
like a Currier and Ives with geeky overtones.
( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Currier_and_Ives )       Grins!   ~B

On 6/12/06, Stan Briggs <stan at stanbriggs.com> wrote:
>  uzoma,
> i vote for ice but am up for either.
> stan
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>  Ruth went through the effort to find out the price and hours of some
> local ice rinks.  Who is up for skating next gathering?  Ice skating?
> Roller skating?  Which one?  I'm going to keep asking about this until 20
> people sign up.  Why 20?  Because that's the number out of my hat.  :)
> Seriously, we should be able to get a group discount and any place with a
> party greater than 10.  But it would really be worthwhile if we  could
> draw  some  families out to this one.  We haven't done this in ages...
> So place your vote!  Ice vs Roller.
> uzoma
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