[internetworkers] Where to get Cat 6 ethernet cable?

zman zman at shell.neverwhere.org
Mon Jun 12 11:30:07 EDT 2006

6... Graybar electric on Capital Blvd. was carrying it.

On Mon, 12 Jun 2006, Joshua Gitlin wrote:
> Hey guys,
> cat5e) for Gigabit ethernet. Problem is I can't seem to find anyplace to get 
> cat6 cable in the triangle area -- and that can't be right, since we're in 
> such a high tech area. So, does anyone have any recommendations on where I 
> could get bare cat6 cable? I don't need much, maybe 200 or 300 feet, but if I 
> have to get 1000 feet or something, that should be OK, you can never have too 
> much space cable :-)
> Also, any recommendations on cat 6 or cat5e? Thanks.
> -Josh
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