[internetworkers] OpenBBQ/OpenJam-June 17th

Steve Sellars ssellars at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 16:56:37 EDT 2006

Hello Stan & Matt,

I would be happy to help out by volunteering on Saturday, however possible.
Sounds like a great idea!

Stephen Sellars
Raleigh NC USA
ssellars at gmail dot com

On 5/31/06, Stan Briggs <stan at stanbriggs.com> wrote:
> all,
> i have mentioned this at the last couple of get-togethers but i wanted to
> send this out to the list.
> matt frye and i are putting on an event called OpenBBQ/OpenJam
> (www.openBBQopenJam.org). it's kinda' an open source community
> entertainment
> event. it's kinda' a fund raiser (Friends of Dix). it's kinda' just an
> excuse to get together, enjoy some food, and listen to our peers play
> (there
> is an amazing overlap between the open source community and people with
> musical talent).
> we are looking for
> + people to come and have a good time (families are encouraged),
> + people to play (there are scheduled sessions and a couple of open
> sessions),
> + people that will volunteer their time to help out (we need about 17
> people
> and have 6 so far). if you volunteer you get your food for free (see the
> menu on the web site) and a t-shirt (first dibs to the volunteers; extras
> to
> attendees).
> there are also opportunities for open source groups and any other civic
> group to have a table at the event (we've got three tables so far).
> i hope to see many of you there and to hear from some of you that want to
> volunteer for this worthy event.
> thanks,
> stan
> p.s. if you haven't already been to Rub's Smokehouse then i highly
> recommend
> it with or without oBoJ. tell'em stan sent you. won't get you anything but
> a
> smile.
> Stan B. Briggs
> +++++++++++++++++++
> www.oBoJ.org: OpenBBQ/OpenJam is a celebration of food, music, and good
> times. Attendance is open to all who wish to enjoy some BBQ, acoustic live
> music, and the company of others in the spirit of the Open Source
> community
> while supporting an excellent public cause [www.FriendsOfDix.org].
> +++++++++++++++++++
> ---
> Come and play at the InterNetWorkers Web site!
> http://www.ibiblio.org/internetworkers/
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