[internetworkers] getaway in Wilmington, Wrightsville, or Topsail Island?

Stan Briggs stan at StanBriggs.com
Thu Jun 1 16:23:09 EDT 2006

i'm a fan of Shell Island (www.ShellIsland.com). it's (literally) at the
north end of the island (the one that wrightsville beach is on) and has some
neat features. the beach in front quite often has wading pools after high
tide. to the side and back are wetlands that the tide fills up and emptys.
neat walking. and there's the inlet that has fast moving water during the
peak transition between high and low tides.


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Does anyone have a recommendation for a place to stay in Wilmington,
Wrightsville, or Topsail Island? I have a few days vacation later this month
and I'd like to get some beach time. Something clean and decent is all I
need, not the Ritz. I'm hoping to spend something like $100/night. Any


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