[internetworkers] Triangle GTD meetup

uzoma nwosu uzoma.nwosu at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 11:35:58 EDT 2005

I think it's more like David Allen's Getting Things Done
(http://www.davidco.com).  All about productivity.  It's pretty good
stuff.  I use to have a stack of books on time management and the like
but I got rid of them once I started reading his book.  The principles
are really clear.  With the GTD book and 43folders
(http://www.43folders.com), it's just about all anyone needs if they
wish to improve their productivity.

Before anyone starts making any wisecracks about these types of books,
just remember that some of us were not fortunate enough to have been
taught how to be organized.  I've gotten more accomplished in the past
3 months than I had done in the past 5 years--okay, make that 3 years.
 I've always been and good starter but a lousy finisher.  I just
finished two sessions of summer school without drifting off. Those of
you who know me know that's a big achievement.  Because I have the
attention of a gnat. This stuff works (at least for me).

I'm definitely down for this.


On 8/1/05, Michael Czeiszperger <michael at czeiszperger.org> wrote:
> On Aug 1, 2005, at 7:44 PM, Rick Cecil wrote:
> > I'm organizing a GTD (Getting Things Done) meetup for the end of
> > August or early September and trying to get a sense for how many folks
> > in the Triangle might be interested in attending..if you are, please
> > email me at rfc at rickcecil.com...
> Do you mean "Getting things done" like on that episode of Dead like Me?
> http://www.mwp.com/shop/dvd.php4?asin=B0001GF2F6
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