[internetworkers] cool pro bono work

Thomas thomas at tbeckett.com
Wed Sep 29 21:37:35 EDT 2004

For a web designer:

Friends of Long Now,

We would like to update the Long Now web site: http://www.longnow.org 
and redesign it to better reflect our expanding projects and services. 
We would like to see if any of you amazingly talented designers out 
there would like to take a shot at the design of the site.  This is a 
call to find an overall design theme, look and feel.  We have an intern 
who will be working in the office this fall who will be able to build 
the website.

Design criteria and submittal details can be found here:

The chosen designer will receive a $500 honorarium, design credit on the 
site, a copy of Clock of the Long Now signed by the author, and a free 
prediction on the Long Bets website.

Thank you.  Please feel free to forward or post this notice to others 
who might be interested.

Alexander Rose             zander at longnow.org
(executive director)            415.561.6582
The Long Now Foundation         FAX.561.6297

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