[internetworkers] Hoaxes, Relatives, and Email Etiquette

Michael Czeiszperger michael at czeiszperger.org
Wed Sep 29 11:11:17 EDT 2004

What's the polite thing to do with email from internet unsavy relatives 
who are regularly forwarding hoaxes, both urban and political.  The 
typical email will have been forwarded many times, and I'm usually 
included on a very long list of friends and relatives.  Should I:

1. Reply only to the author with links to the appropriate section of 
2. Reply to everyone on the list?

I've been trying #1 and its not working, since the offending emailers 
never see fit to let everyone know that the story is a hoax. :-(

michael at czeiszperger dot org
Chapel Hill, NC

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