[internetworkers] Triumph of the Stultocracy

Tom Boucher trekkie at nomorestars.com
Tue Sep 28 22:26:52 EDT 2004

On Sep 28, 2004, at 6:46 AM, James Dasher wrote:
> Was I a little fast and loose with my interpretation of "collective 
> stupidity of the nation"?


I was thinking more along the line of (referencing a sci-fi movie here) 
where 'people' are stupid and 'a person' is smart.  When you put a 
bunch of 'people' together they get stupid.  Panic in the streets, 
everyone waving a flag and if you're for us your against us and all 

I was thinking along the lines of Leno walking the streets, of Penn & 
Teller getting people at a 'earth first' rally to sign a form banning 
di-hydrogen peroxide, of the two guys on the Man Show getting women to 
sign a petition to stop women's suffrage.

And this is not any attempt to invoke 'Godwin's Rule' here but the day 
the populace stops caring or paying attention to their elected 
government is the day we bring a new Hitler, Saddam, or other well 
known after the fact bad guy into office.

What always amazes me is that no one seems to remember that Saddam was 
a 'good guy' when Communism was rampant in the mid to late 80s.   
That's why everyone over there hates us so much, that and anyone that 
isn't part of their religion is a lower class creature that can be 
killed and disposed of no more than a bug and a windshield.

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