[internetworkers] N&O Story on my NC House race

James Dasher jdasher at ibiblio.org
Tue Sep 28 22:03:11 EDT 2004

On Sep 28, 2004, at 8:50 PM, Roger Austin wrote:

> James Dasher wrote:
>>> Use this form:
>>> http://msweb03.co.wake.nc.us/bordelec/Waves/WavesSearch.asp
>> Thanks for the link.  Unfortunately, it still has my old address, and 
>> won't let me look up a precinct for my new address without a name and 
>> registration number.
> You can look up any address and get the info. Really. Just put in
> the name of the street and out comes all the search results. For
> example, put in Kaplan Dr and you will see a list of peeps on
> Kaplan. You can use wild cards to reduce the results.

Weird.  It didn't work with "Rd" or "Road" or "road" or "rd" or ... but 
you get the point.  But the name of the road by itself worked.


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