[internetworkers] Charity

Phillip Rhodes mindcrime at cpphacker.co.uk
Tue Sep 28 21:28:19 EDT 2004

Corey Wilson wrote:

> Recent disaster relief efforts aside, what are some well regarded 
> charities in the area that would be happy to accept a volunteer's time 
> (as opposed to money)?  We'd prefer the charity to be both secular and 
> non-political, and would like to see our efforts make a lasting 
> difference, as opposed to the "give a man a fish" mentality of soup 
> kitchens, etc.

If you live in or near a fire district that's covered by a volunteer
fire department, you might want to give that a look.  Even if you're not
interested in crawling around inside burning houses, there are tons of
other positions to fill on most VFD's.  Driver / Operator, the guy
brings a couple of coolers of ice water to a big fire, or even
administrative jobs like secretary.

I personally have been involvedin the fire service since I was about 14
or so, and have to say that it's an incredible experience.  Very
demanding at times, and sometimes heartbreaking ( the nature of the job
is that you're responding to bad things happening to people) but it can
be incredibly rewarding.


Phil R.

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