[internetworkers] “Vote for me because I’m smarter than you are, you morons”

matusiak dave at matusiak.org
Tue Sep 28 16:18:53 EDT 2004



Well, this is the truth.
New York's state Democratic Party chairman derided President Bush 
yesterday as "simple" and "that simplistic gentleman up there in the 
White House with his one- and two-syllable answers."

Yes. Yes. A thousand times, yes. That is why Bush keeps winning the 
message debates. The average voter is working hard, maybe trying to 
start a business on the side or sell something on E-Bay or whatever. 
They’re taking the kids to school, soccer practice, band camp, etc. 
They’re much more worried about the groin problems of their favorite 
team’s starting linebacker than the future of Social Security. They 
don’t want to spend an enormous amount of time reading up studies by 
the Brookings Institution on the pending difficulties in Trans-Atlantic 
relations. Seeing the towers fall on 9/11 frightened them like nothing 
else in this life, and they right now have very simple, but not small 
expectations from their leaders. Which message is going to appeal to 
them more?

Bush: “I’m gonna kill terrorists. Killin’ those who need killin’ is 
what I’m good at.”
Kerry: “I will restore our nation to its respected position in the 
international community.”

And if Bush’s critics want to take this opportunity to rip the American 
people for being “too simple-minded” to understand Democratic arguments 
and philosophies, the GOP will cheer them on.

Folks on the right fell into a dangerous habit during the Lewinsky 
scandal when they started dismissing the insufficiently-outraged 
American people as “sheeple.” In recent years, this bad habit quickly 
got picked up by the left, particularly as the antiwar movement picked 
up steam.

  Look, you may be smarter than the average member of the public. You 
may have better judgment than the average member of the public. But 
once you start declaring this for all the world to hear, the average 
member of the public will quickly conclude that you are a egomaniacal 

“Vote for me because I’m smarter than you are, you morons” is not a 
winning slogan.

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