[internetworkers] Charity

Jim Ray jim at neuse.net
Tue Sep 28 12:14:56 EDT 2004

> Let me refine: I'm not entrenched in the secular and apolitical
> requirements, I just feel like I should try to maximize my chances of
> success, i.e., continuing involvement, by aligning my choice of charity
> with my values.

[JR>] eating food is a core value for me.  Lack thereof can have devastating
effects.  Along that vein, Rotarians Against Hunger and Stop Hunger Now are
great programs.  The #1 Google hit on Rotarians Against Hunger emanates from
Chapel Thrill:


I broke bread next to the man behind the scene, Ray Buchanan, at the Rotary
Club of Raleigh yesterday.  He is the real deal and walks the walk.  I plan
to get more involved in his work.

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