[internetworkers] Charity

Jim Ray jim at neuse.net
Tue Sep 28 10:40:36 EDT 2004

We'd prefer the charity to be both secular and
> non-political, and would like to see our efforts make a lasting
> difference, as opposed to the "give a man a fish" mentality of soup
> kitchens, etc.

[JR>] personally, I like giving people fish at a soup kitchen.  More
accurately, I like washing their trays and plan to go back to do more of the

Church of the Good Shephard
125 Hillsborough St.
Raleigh NC 27603
Phone: 919-831-2010 
Fax: 919-831-2005

No one made me pray to the bullhead or pledge a vote.  Seemed like a cool
group of folks when I went for the first time the other week.

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