[internetworkers] Charity

Corey Wilson corey_wilson at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 28 09:12:02 EDT 2004

My wife and I are fortunate enough to have a bit of free time and would 
like to donate some of it to a charity.  We would prefer to do something 
that benefits the local community, but are relatively new to town and 
don't yet know what that could be. 

Recent disaster relief efforts aside, what are some well regarded 
charities in the area that would be happy to accept a volunteer's time 
(as opposed to money)?  We'd prefer the charity to be both secular and 
non-political, and would like to see our efforts make a lasting 
difference, as opposed to the "give a man a fish" mentality of soup 
kitchens, etc.

Any ideas or experiences you could share are appreciated.

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