[internetworkers] Triumph of the Stupid

James Dasher jdasher at ibiblio.org
Tue Sep 28 06:37:33 EDT 2004

On Sep 28, 2004, at 12:03 AM, Thomas wrote:

> No, you've got it backwards:  people disagree with us because they are
> dumbasses!
> Just to be quite clear for the benefit of future generations and my own
> eventual run for the presidency, the foregoing was intended as merely a
> humorous play on words and not as a comment on any person or point of
> view.  Most people seem like dumbasses until you get to know them
> better.  True dumbasses are rare indeed, though easy to spot once you
> encounter them.  And all of us have some days when the easiest place to
> spot a dumbass is in the bathroom mirror.

A candidate with a sense of humor?  And mildly self-deprecating humor, 
at that?

I'm working on a MadLib-style defense of your misspent youth so that 
I'm prepared to blog in your defense once the scandals start 

Cheers -

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