[internetworkers] Re: Intellectual Rights Kills Anti-Spam Measure

Lance A. Brown lance at bearcircle.net
Mon Sep 27 18:17:40 EDT 2004

Tom Boucher wrote:
> There was that, and if I recall it also required you to sign a license
> that went completely against open source stuff so Apache, and others
> wouldn't support it.  So basically it ended up being Microsoft and the
> spammers wanting it.

Some of the FOSS groups didn't like it, and some did.  The Apache Group
objected to the Microsoft IP provisions while Sendmail, Inc. already has
a freely-available sendmail milter implemenation of Sender-ID available.

Basically, Sender-ID is SPF, Sender Policy Framework, combined with
Microsoft's Caller-ID technology.  I'm not sure what Caller-ID adds to
the mix, but SPF is a way to publish which IP addresses are authorized
to send email for a particular DNS domain.  The only really good use of
SPF is to prevent Joe-Job attacks.  It doesn't do anything very useful
for run-of-the-mill spam.


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