[internetworkers] Intellectual Rights Kills Anti-Spam Measure

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> > Anti-Spam Effort Killed Amid Patent Row
> > By ANICK JESDANUN, AP Internet Writer
> >
> > NEW YORK - A row over intellectual property claims from Microsoft Corp.
> > has dealt a fatal blow to an ambitious effort by Internet engineers to
> > create a technical standard for curbing junk e-mail.
> >
> > The failure to reach consensus on the Microsoft-championed proposal
> > known as Sender ID throws back to the free market a process many
> > consider urgent in view of the unabating onslaught of spam.
> Sender ID?  Is that the same as challenge-response?  I forget what the
> general consensus was on INW about this measure; I'm sure Champeon would
> have a thing or two to say, were he present.

I'm over simplifying, but it really doesn't matter.  This was a proposal
whereby all mail server operators would register their servers for an ID.
This ID would effectively prevent spoofing or so they say.

Microsoft began taking signups a while back and one of the largest groups to
sign up were known spammers...so much for that working.

> Too bad.  We might be able to fix the Internet if everyone weren't so busy
> trying to own it.
> -Alan
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