[internetworkers] Triumph of the Stultocracy

matusiak dave at matusiak.org
Mon Sep 27 11:25:35 EDT 2004

great article!  we could always use more opinion pieces on the  
ignorance of Americans, as well as proposals to remove (or limit) their  
inborn rights.  however, just as with all pieces written about those  
topics, inevitably someone will come along to reveal all your mistakes  
in an attempt to discredit you.  this fact makes error-checking much  
more important than some editorial nicety.

from the first paragraph you quoted: "...Sharon Alfman, a 51-year-old  
cook in New Lexington, Ohio,..."

then in the next paragraph we read: "But it matters that Sharon Altman  
thinks he is."

small difference, but enough for a critic to capitalize on in order to  
cast doubt on this guy's entire article in the minds of the retarded  
sheep he took so much effort to castigate.  could be his error, could  
be the web guy, could be anyone along that long publishing path --  
however, no one will be associated with the blame/mistake other than  
the author.

i think the election is now a forgone conclusion, which is sad, but  
someone mentioned to me that it doesn't matter who is in the White  
House as we are all f#$%ed.  i find it much more interesting to see  
what correspondents around the globe are thinking.  for example, this  
piece by Raffique Shah.  "The super rich vs the wretched"


this presents a really upbeat social class war for us to look forward  
to (either after or concurrent with our other wars).  i'm betting that  
if you are reading this list, you are part of the "wretched," but try  
explaining that to the pissed-off poor person on your doorstep.

On Sep 27, 2004, at 10:41 AM, Michael Czeiszperger wrote:

> Here's a nice editorial by Ted Rall:
> "Kerry doesn't know what the working-class people do; he hasn't done  
> any physical labor all his life," Sharon Alfman, a 51-year-old cook in  
> New Lexington, Ohio, told a New York Times reporter. It's true. Kerry  
> is a rich boy. But then she added: "Bush's values are middle-class  
> family values."
> http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=127&e=18&u=/ucru/ 
> triumphofthestultocracy

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