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Mon Sep 27 11:16:26 EDT 2004

See the full Job Posting at the website:

    Company Name: TMIO 
    Company Website: http://www.tmio.com 

    Job Title: 75% Linux sysadmin, 25% Java programmer
    Job Description: This position mainly involves the creation of a
environment to support a new networked consumer product.

      already have a small group of people working on the
consumer product.
       Now we need to add support from the
server side.

Tasks may

- OS selection, installation, and configuration
      database install, table design
- Apache install, HTML/PHP web page
- Java application development
- C/C++ application
      development (maybe)
- evaluation of system security
- setting up
      network routers at server site

Since we're a small shop, additional
      tasks may also crop
up, and we are open to swapping workloads with
      each other.
As long as we cover all of the bases.

~the JobBoard

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