[internetworkers] Do all DVRs require subscription services?

Simon Spero ses at unc.edu
Sat Sep 25 15:44:17 EDT 2004

On Sep 23, 2004, at 6:41 PM, Wolfe, Joanna wrote:

> Can't I get a DVR to do what my VCR does - set it to a time and
> channel and record without having to purchase all the extra services?

If you buy a used system that's already had a lifetime activation, you  
shouldn't have to pay to reactivate it. (for replaytv, see  

This is handy, because due to the threat of bogus lawsuits, new  
replay-tv units are much less capable than earlier models.   The best  
thing about the replay is it's automatic commercial skip feature;  it's  
not nearly as friendly as a tivo for scheduling.   It also has kick-ass  
network support;  I have my unit hooked up to my home network, and I  
can watch shows on my laptop over wireless anywhere in the house.

If you can find a Replaytv 45xx series box, you can swap in a great big  
ide hard drive and you're set.

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