[internetworkers] Breaking up via PowerPoint

Sil Greene quack at ibiblio.org
Sat Sep 25 00:29:09 EDT 2004

Reported 04.09.25 00:21 from Michael Czeiszperger:
.:On Sep 24, 2004, at 11:03 PM, Tanner Lovelace wrote:
.:> Apparently the guy got fed up with too many people looking at it
.:> because it's now showing the guy from goatse.cx.  Ugh!
.:> I don't suppose you saved a copy?
.:Sorry, no saved copy.  I wish I had known what goatse.cx was before I 
.:clicked on the link :-( :-( :-(  I checked for you and Google is now 
.:caching the "goat" image, so no luck there either, sorry.

the Wayback Machine comes up empty too.  i'd left it to read later, too, 
since Firefox seemed to have issues with it.  c'est la Net!


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