[internetworkers] photocopiers on Google?

Thomas thomas at tbeckett.com
Fri Sep 24 22:27:24 EDT 2004

Dan Smith sends his regards and this tidbit:


  Are Google Hackers Watching your Photocopier?
Disturbing report from ZDNet suggests that some people are using known 
Google-hacks to watch the information you send out over a network 

"You don't have to be a genius to do this," said Jason Hart, security 
director at Whitehat UK. "You can see what people are photocopying on 
your monitor. You just have to search for online devices on Google."

Google stores billions of Web URLs and information sent from Web 
servers. Some Web servers, if configured incorrectly or left to default, 
can accidentally broadcast network information, such as IP addresses, 
login details and device information. Google, like many other search 
engines, stores this information, which can be recalled at any time.

But don't despair, I've figured out a way to prevent this from happening 
again. I'm off to the photocopier to take a Xerox of my butt. Trust me, 
they'll never want to snoop again! ;-)
- Search Engine News by Andy Beal

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