[internetworkers] Do all DVRs require subscription services?

Roger Austin raustin3 at nc.rr.com
Fri Sep 24 15:07:16 EDT 2004

ron thigpen wrote:
> The TWC DVR box has two digital tuners on board.  It can tune two 
> channels simultaneously, which means you can record one while watching 
> another, record two at the same time, even record two at the same time 
> while playing back another recording.
> And to answer your questtion, unattended recording is driven by 
> selections you make in the digital cable channel guide.  The tuner(s) 
> will jump to whichever channel is running the selected show.

  Thanks Ron. That was what I meant. MissHunt.com can get a little
testy if she misses a quilting show or movies that come on different
channels in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, the morning
quilting show is on 76 and the afternoon show is on 150. If we aren't
here, she will miss half her shows. One VCR she was recording on
for a time messed up some tapes lately which caused some issues for
her when she wanted to watch the movie that came on one time late
at night. We now have five VCRs and only two really work. Will she
toss the old machines? Absolutely not, but I digress...

  I haven't needed to record two shows at the same time since it
never occurred me as an option. It would be very nice though to
have multiple sports shows on at the same time though. NFL on CBS
and Fox on Sundays immediately comes to mind. When I had "no box"
cable in my old house, I could stack up TVs to watch multiple
games. Can you hook two TVs up and watch them simutaneously with
the TWC DVR? Suddenly, this sounds interesting. Thanks, Roger

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